An Alarming End of the Day

By LA-jan - January 31, 2009

Having 2 sons and a husband that enjoys what they do, this is my experience. . .
Called out to the driveway, "Mom! Check this out!!"
Greeted by "the boys", once outside in their domain, I become "dude" as in, "Dude, check this out!"
What am I looking at?
"This is the newly painted steering column, dude!"

"Oh!" This dude says, "it looks clean!"

"Oh! Taylor, too much information!" These are his favorite and only pants he works in, comfort pants, like a "blankie", patched and worn and torn in all the right places.

Moving on. . .

Now, this I can appreciate! Clean! This is a garage to be proud of!

What you talking 'bout. . . look here. . .

This is where it's at!
Check out my safety minded guys and the new shoulder harnesses!! Now, that is awesome!!

"Check this out, dude!"
What am I checking out!??
"I'm painting the dash, isn't is awesome!"
Oh yeah, looks totally awesome!

I left for work at this point and they continued to have a long work night in the garage. . .

Posted by PicasaUntil, once fast, and I mean, fast asleep, about 5:22 AM, the alarm goes off. No one awakes! The alarm is shreaking! Guess what wakes up the boys! Someone in the backyard with a flash light! That is what wakes up Sean who hears the alarm blaring and calls 911! The line is clear because that is security in the backyard! Taylor and Terry barely awake see someone coming to the door now that the lights are on. Sean tells 911 that he is ok, security is here! No one can find a reason the alarm went off. I come home in the morning, boys off to school, ask Terry if he's checked fingerprints on the sill. Outside, he finds a top window in Sean's room open. Pin that holds it must have fell out and the window fell open is all we can figure. Unfortunately, now the alarm won't turn off, so we had to put the system on "disreguard". Eric! We need you!

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