Lauren and Eric's Wedding Part - The Beginning

After an early morning flight, Terry and I arrived on a journey that was
uneventful and smooth. And just in time for a relaxing evening and delicious
dinner of pulled pork sandwiches.

Early the next morning, we headed out to Morvan park for a brisk morning walk.
It was so gorgeous, that I let myself go and completely forget about the time!
And got a bit lost, but oh so beautiful!!

No worries, heading back, Dorothy picked me up in time for
 a bit of shopping for Katie's orzo salad for the next evenings
party. Lauren, Dorothy and I then headed out to Lansdowne Resort and Spa.
Mani-pedi treatments!

So relaxing and special! And a fantastic view!

A little time to dry and kick back, rehydrate and get a bit of snacking in
we headed to the relaxation room.

perfect, toes all dry now!

Thank you Dorothy! And I have no picture of you, but your beautiful toes!

That evening, after Katie and Terry finished the Orzo salad with roasted vegetables,
Dorothy and Dave treated us to a lovely grilled salmon dinner!

Friday was the "welcome dinner" Dorothy planned for all
the out of towners! The kitchen was busy with preparations of Monterey chicken,
 green salad, crusty bread, cheesecake and cookies as well as a ton of hor d'oeuvres.
Before we knew it, arrivals began!

So many happy faces!! So good to see everyone!

Delicious! And what a great evening!


Katie said…
So glad we got to spend a lot of time with you guys! Eleanor is calling you "Jaunt Anet" because she keeps confusing where the consonant goes 😂
LA-jan said…
Ha :)) I love it!!
Dorothy said…
This is such a great post! You guys are awesome!! This was such a wonderful time with so much family!