Christmas Day and beyond

After crawling into bed at 2:30 AM, after an adventure into the
annual Pizza Eve, Christmas Day arrived!

Needless to say, it came so fast and I was moving so slow!

My pictures were not plentiful or gorgeous but the day sure was.
We had 21 people over for dinner and it was so nice!

Lots of helpful hands made entertaining a delight.
Marty and Kevin were so helpful making the beans and carrots.
Colleen made the mashed potatoes, Maureen, the ham,
and Taylor monitored the turkey in the egg outside!

My phone pics are not uploading to my google photos, but to the drive.
My drive does not communicate with my blog. My computer does not
recognize my phone and "what we have here, is a failure to communicate"!
and I am not a happy blogger right now, so please, bear with me
as I figure this out.

But, what I have gets you there.

Everyone enjoyed themselves.

and Christmas went off without a hitch till, again, the whee hours.
I think I turned off the lights around 1:30 or 2.

Terry was so wonderful the next day cleaning up and I never got out
of my pj's, just put things away.

We decided to head out to San Clemente since I had the 2 weeks off
(including the New Years holidays) and
hadn't had since Taylor was a newborn.

And it was soooo nice!

We had a late lunch the first day with Eileen who drove down
to meet us for lunch on the pier.
Sun was shining, the air was crisp and it was so
clear from all the rain we've had.

The next morning, we headed back down for breakfast at this little crepe place
across the street from the pier.
Well, it had expanded to the next shop and added patio dining
on the sidewalk. We took advantage of that.

and looked over the expanded menu


What a great way to start the day!
We took in the morning with a great view.





We spent 2 downright lazy days sleeping in, reading, strolling,
and eating! On New Years Eve we headed back home.
We had Maureen over for dinner and enjoyed sweets and champagne
to a 6 foot screen to watch the ball drop over Times Square!
 Next up, New Years Day.
Happy New Year!



Katie said…
Merry Christmas!!! What a large crew for dinner!
Lauren Hall said…
Merry Christmas and Happy new year!! It's so nice to have so many people around - but just as nice to have a few lazy days to yourself to recover afterwards :)
Dorothy said…
Really nice Christmas days! and what a treat to have two weeks off after all the late nights. Your pictures turned out great. Happy New Year!