"Thank goodness no one is going to read this. . ."

By LA-jan - April 01, 2013

Ok, so we're coming up to Lincoln' birthday, back when
it was celebrated on the 12th of February, all by itself.
And just around the corner from that is Valentine's Day!
What do you suppose the twins are doing?

"just hope he's not a crumb", ha!

Now, you didn't get the wrong idea, did you?

Was it scandalous to be surrounded by 5 or so soldiers?
Was it giving someone the wrong idea if she had that much fun?
And why did she spend an hour or so looking for a Valentine
for Gene, if Frank is "cute and personality +"?
Oh, I know. Because she is being polite, he gave her one!
She is so sweet.

Now Wally!
Frank and Gene! Whew!

She's got it bad for Frank, but it's all catching up to her.
Now, she's sick!

Do you suppose she caught the measles from Dorothy?


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