Things are moving along in the garage!

All of a sudden Taylor comes out of his bedroom, that has been storing the Mustang's car parts for the past couple years, with A SEAT!

Now, for most of you, you think, so what.

This is HUGE!

Out in the car, things are starting to look like an actual car interior!

Side panels are in!

Terry is cleaning the window crank to install!

The window actually goes up and down!

This Father and son are happy tonight!

But, mom, she's pretty happy, too!

Progress is great!


Katie said…
When will this car be done?
LA-jan said…
Your guess is as good as mine, but the seats going in are encouraging to me because I know they are towards the end. Sean is finishing up at school, so if the car isn't finished this semester, then Taylor will have to get a bus pass!
Dorothy said…
So exciting! I hope he gets to drive it this summer!!